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How I Slow Down with… Ruby Wax

She’s known for many things: a lifelong career in stand-up comedy, interviewing the biggest celebrities in the world for her own TV show, and script editing a little sitcom called Absolutely Fabulous. But in recent years, Ruby Wax has become a “poster girl” for mental health, sharing her own experiences with depression (she was at one point institutionalised), and what she’s learned about mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (she has a master’s degree on the topic from Oxford University). Continue Reading

Life Music

Of Music and Memories

When I was 17, I did work experience at my local newspaper. I was in year 12, it was my holidays; I really should have been out there losing my virginity or at least licking someone’s face. But instead, I wrote articles about local politics and tagged along with journalists (my heroes) when they went out on the road to do interviews. Continue Reading