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Going Underground

Debbie Harry doesn’t like things to be polished. That goes for Ghost in The Shell (“They’ve cleaned it up – and it was such a good anime,” she says with a sigh), as much as it does the sound of her music. Blondie, the rock band with which the singer-songwriter-bombshell has long been synonymous, grew out of the mid-’70s New York punk scene. Although ‘punk’, as Debbie reminds us, didn’t officially exist at that stage. Continue Reading

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The Unwilling Muso

Meghan Remy is the founding member and “head curator” of U.S. Girls – a collaborative music project in which Meghan sings from the point of view of fractured heroines over hypnotic loops and experimental recordings. But the Toronto-based lass, who started playing in bands in Illinois at 15, doesn’t consider herself a musician. Continue Reading

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Kaylene Milner Mixes Rock and Woollies with Her Knitwear Label, WAH-WAH

From her sharehouse bedroom in Sydney’s inner-west, Kaylene Milner creates graphic sweaters with artwork celebrating punk and rock legends. Her one-woman label, WAH-WAH, features collaborations with Aussie icons – including The Hard-Ons and The Meanies – and most recently, US rock lords Dinosaur Jr. The 28-year-old designer grew up in Wollongong and created her first tribute garments as a teenager. “I would personalise a lot of my t-shirts, just painting over basic little Bonds t-shirts with psychedelic designs,” she says. “I’d look at my favourite albums and reinterpret them myself, just with fabric paints from Spotlight.” Continue Reading

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How to Be Scottish with… Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch

GET A BIT ANGRY “Sometimes the best stuff is produced when you’re kicking against something. Scotland in the past has had this great big chip on its shoulder. It’s been able to look up to England and blame it for stuff, which I think is kind of lame. But at the same time, when you’re anti-stuff – like anti-Thatcher, anti-Tory and anti-establishment – then it can be very fruitful. And movements like punk were completely justified.” Continue Reading


The Gospel According to Jared Swilley

FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS (OR DON’T) “We got kicked out of school. For us, it was almost like we wanted to prove them all wrong. We were just like, ‘We have to do this now.’ And our rule was not to have a fall-back plan. I wouldn’t want to give that advice to any kid that gets kicked out of school. I don’t want to say, ‘Don’t follow your dreams,’ but sometimes following your dreams no matter what can be kind of dumb. Continue Reading