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How To Help a Grieving Friend

A few weeks ago, we scattered my uncle’s ashes into the beach. We all grieved differently. My mum quivered on the edge of the pier. My 12-year-old cousin quietly sobbed. And someone scooped a portion of my uncle’s ashes to keep in a plastic zip-lock bag. At the get-together afterwards, my grandparents refused to cry. Continue Reading


Creature of Habit

My order at my local café is so predictable it’s a joke. I’ve been ordering scrambled eggs with kale and tomatoes every Saturday and Sunday for the past two years. When there are new staff members, I explain, “Just so you know, I order this every time – because there is so much in my life that’s unpredictable, BUT THE EGGS I CAN CONTROL.” Everybody laughs. But the reality is that, even though I don’t live in a warzone, or live in fear of being deported, my life can turn to shit at any given moment – and frequently does. Continue Reading


I Love My Butt

My butt is living its own life; I am merely its carrier. Yes, I am a person and my butt is part of me, but if you knew my butt, you would know that it merits its own life story. So here it is. In 1983, my butt was born, attached to me. It was, in many ways, a butt like many other butts, but over time it grew and grew, bigger and more rotund than the rest of me, and with the consistency of uncooked sourdough. Continue Reading

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Of Music and Memories

When I was 17, I did work experience at my local newspaper. I was in year 12, it was my holidays; I really should have been out there losing my virginity or at least licking someone’s face. But instead, I wrote articles about local politics and tagged along with journalists (my heroes) when they went out on the road to do interviews. Continue Reading

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Tell Us Something… with Cass McCombs

THE MEANING OF LOVE “I don’t even know when I first fell in love – I’m still trying to figure out what love means. On a daily basis, I contemplate: what does it mean? Is love possession of another person, or is love more platonic? I always fall back on Kerouac when it comes to concepts of love; he had a pretty zen attitude about people just supporting each other. I guess that’s where I’m at today.” Continue Reading