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Going Underground

Debbie Harry doesn’t like things to be polished. That goes for Ghost in The Shell (“They’ve cleaned it up – and it was such a good anime,” she says with a sigh), as much as it does the sound of her music. Blondie, the rock band with which the singer-songwriter-bombshell has long been synonymous, grew out of the mid-’70s New York punk scene. Although ‘punk’, as Debbie reminds us, didn’t officially exist at that stage. Continue Reading


History’s Craziest Cat People

WINSTON CHURCHILL The British PM never apologised – except to cats. During a phone conversation with the Lord Chancellor, Churchill’s tabby Mickey played with the phone cord. Churchill shouted, “Get off the line, you fool!” Then explained to the Lord Chancellor: “Not you.” The wartime leader later begged Mickey’s forgiveness. Continue Reading


A Brief History of Instant Noodles

If you’ve ever eaten instant noodles, you’ve participated in the fight against communism. That’s right, the crunchy or sloppy snack (depending on how you consume it) was invented as a result of America’s post-war operations in Japan, where Chinese noodle-soup, or Chuka soba as it was then commonly known, was a favourite dish among its starving citizens. It was also one of the only hot meals available under US Occupation. Continue Reading