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How I Slow Down with… Ruby Wax

She’s known for many things: a lifelong career in stand-up comedy, interviewing the biggest celebrities in the world for her own TV show, and script editing a little sitcom called Absolutely Fabulous. But in recent years, Ruby Wax has become a “poster girl” for mental health, sharing her own experiences with depression (she was at one point institutionalised), and what she’s learned about mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (she has a master’s degree on the topic from Oxford University). Continue Reading

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Aunty Donna Are Really Interested in Activating Your Funny Bones

“Cut the comedy festival shit.” So said the Ballarat university drama teacher, whose job it was to “ruin” the egos of then drama students Broden Kelly, Mark Bonanno and Zach Ruane. Since then, the Melbourne boys have ditched the theatre blacks and formed Aunty Donna, a sketch comedy troupe, boasting over 100 thousand YouTube subscribers, and a live comedy festival show – that just sold out. “So take that, Sergio,” Broden says. But none of Aunty Donna’s members, including its behind-the-scenes crew, anticipated a career in sketch comedy.

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