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Nicola Scott Is a Comic Book Artist

Comic books weren’t really a part of my childhood – but superheroes were. The Wonder Woman TV series was on when I was a kid, and it just changed my life. Here was this ridiculous woman in this ridiculous outfit, jumping over cars and punching bad guys. It was just so enthralling and empowering. But I didn’t make the transition into comic books, because the very odd time that I would see a comic book at the newsagency, they’d be all about Thor and Hulk, and I would think, Who the fuck are these characters? Continue Reading

Community Interviews

Amy Lawrie Is a Penguin Keeper

“I did an honours degree on the little penguin – the smallest species of penguin that exists. There’s a colony at The Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, and I did my research down there. It hadn’t been studied in over 20 years, so I worked out their population size and breeding success, and that’s when I really fell in love with penguins. Continue Reading