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Regina Spektor Ponders the Places and Spaces She’s Come to Know

CHANNEL THE TUMBLEWEED “America is definitely my homeland, but I almost feel like my nationality is ‘immigrant’. It’s American, but it’s also different. There are obviously really horrible politicians who make you feel extra-different for being an immigrant, and they are hypocrites, because they are descendants of immigrants themselves. But it’s a feeling that I think you never really shake, and I wouldn’t want to, because I’m very proud of it. I love that I get to have all these different roots in me. I have roots from Russia, from Ukraine, from Belarus, from Poland, from Germany. And the cool thing is that with all these roots and tumbleweeding around for my job, I really get to be a citizen of the world.”

EAT THE LOCAL GRUB “Everywhere I go, I find the most beautiful food. When I went and played in Russia, I think I had borsch three times a day, every day. It’s my favourite food. But I think so much of enjoying food has to do with the vibe – who’s serving it and who’s around you. On tour you end up having these really nice moments where after a long day, you’ll find some place and all of a sudden you’re having blini with a really good beer in Prague, or a perfect herring in Stockholm. I love all that Scandinavian stuff too; I’m such a pickles and herring kind of person.”

TURN YOUR BACK ON FEAR “Sometimes I’ll go on tour and if I’m jetlagged or I can’t sleep, I’ll just watch television, and I’ll have tears streaming down my face, because I’m just so horrified at what’s happening and the sorrow and the cruelty that goes on in the world. And then you start to not feel safe anywhere. I think when that happens it’s more important to tune out and take care of your own internal weather, because you can do more good in the world when you are feeling strong and safe. It’s very hard to do good things and make good work and feel inspired and connected when you’re scared.”

LET YOUR CITY BE YOUR MUSE “I feel so inspired when I’m in my hometown, New York. It’s something about the rhythm of walking everywhere. You start to walk everywhere, and then as you walk, all these stories unfold around you at a very fast pace. You sort of tune in and out, seeing all these micro-novels that might last ten seconds, but there are entire universes in there. I write music all the time when I’m in New York; I just generate it more. I write other places too, and obviously when I tour I try to discover as much as I can, but oftentimes where I’m able to actually process it into something, into music is New York.”

PLAY ALL THE ANGLES “The cool thing about being near your children is that you actually get to see the wonders of pretty much every place. I mean, you can have the best time crawling underneath a table. That can be the best place for an entire evening. It’s a very nice headspace. I even think that people who aren’t necessarily with children all the time should seek out kids here and there, just to be reminded of that headspace of wonder, how every place is just awesome.”

This article first appeared in frankie magazine issue 74 (Nov/Dec 2016).

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