About Me

I’m a writer, editor and broadcaster, based in Melbourne, Australia. By day, I work as the assistant editor and online editor of frankie magazine, Australia’s best-selling women’s fashion magazine (except only a small portion of it is actually about fashion – flip through it and you’ll find heaps of stuff: culture, art, music, everyday life experiences and more). Also by day, I spin rock and metal tunes on Triple R FM (and occasionally by night, too – it all depends on what shifts come up).

I’ve interviewed countless people – famous and non-famous – for print, TV and radio. In recent months, I’ve quizzed Ben Folds on his dream of acquiring a pet pig, and Debbie Harry on how she manages to exude sexual charm in her 70s. In not so recent months, Machine Head’s Phil Demmel told me about collapsing on stage at the moment his father died, and Yngwie Malmsteen wondered why I was so curious about his aesthetic extravagance (“Interesting questions,” he murmured).

Over the years, I’ve penned articles for the likes of The Guardian, Smith Journal, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Style, Empire, SPACES, Daily Life, and manifold other publications of both the printed and digital kind. I also wrote jokes for TV production company Fremantle Media, and if you rummage around your local bookstore, you might even find a paperback or two with my name in it (e.g. the first Women of Letters anthology and Something to Say: Stories to Make You Laugh Awkwardly in Public).

I struggle to define what it is I write “about”. At any given time, I might be interviewing a knitwear designer or an economist or someone who clandestinely restores 19th-century clocks in Paris. In a way, I don’t even see much difference between these stories; they’re all humans doing stuff. And the fact that I don’t necessarily know who or what I’ll be writing about tomorrow, well, I kind of really love that.

That said, I do have a few special areas of interest, i.e. things I’ll definitely know about if they come up at a pub trivia night. My knowledge of heavy metal is probably too extensive (I can get a bit Rainman when someone incorrectly identifies thrash metal as death metal, for example), and I’m highly educated in the Australian craft and creative communities (a fortunate byproduct of working for frankie magazine).

I also speak and write French, know every line of dialogue from Star Trek: the Next Generation, and can point you in the direction of a decent bottle of red for under 20 dollars. If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing with my life, I’d probably be an audio engineer – although I do get to do a fair bit of that when I’m at Triple R, filling in on Respect the Rock or presenting Max Headroom specials.

In my spare time, I write a novel, research new music, and go on long walks listening to post-metal.